Driscoll’s Boycott Update

Driscoll’s Boycott Update

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Photo by Collette Cosner with permission from Familias Unidas por la Justicia

You may have heard the good news that Familias Unidas por la Justicia won the union election vote up at Sakuma Bros berry farm in Washington.  This is an historic victory!  This has led to some talk that the Driscoll’s boycott is over when, in fact, the Sakuma boycott has been called off.  This link will take you to a translation of a press release from SINDJA, the union representing berry pickers in San Quintin, Mexico.  More than 80,000 farmworkers went on strike there a year ago to call for a living wage and union recognition and their struggle continues.

When the Collective Management passed a resolution in support of FUJ it was before the workers in San Quintin rose up and joined the call for the boycott so, by the language of the agreement, speaks only to workers at Sakuma Brothers.  Nonetheless, we are committed to honoring the boycott by refusing to purchase berries under the Driscoll’s label, as requested by the workers themselves.  This is logistically easy for us to do because OGC, our primary distributer, branched out and started carrying other labels as the boycott grew.

“We Clarify and Reiterate the Driscoll’s Boycott is in Full Force”

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  1. Has the dispute been resolved in the laborers favor ? Also if not is there any communication with retailers such as Whole Foods Market and major Supermarket stores not to sell Driscoll’s products?

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