Become an Owner

You can become an Owner by purchasing a share in the Co-op. Your share is an investment that helps build equity in the Co-op and minimize outside debt. One share costs $180 when paid in full, most owners pay in installments of $15 every six months until the full share is paid off. You are eligible for all of the benefits of Ownership with the first payment. Any money that you invest in the Co-op through equity payments is fully refundable.

Benefits of Ownership

Patronage Dividends 

Share in the financial success of the store by receiving a portion of the Co-op’s profits for the year. When the store is profitable, a portion of the money that is not needed for reinvestment in the Co-op will be returned to you based on how much you have purchased throughout the year.

10% off on the 10th!*

Shop on the 10th of every month and receive a 10% Owner Appreciation discount (excluding TriMet tickets and gift cards). Food For All members receive 15% off.

*Because of our current customer limits during COVID-19, we are offering a one-time 10% off discount to be used each month.

Get Discounts on Case Purchases*

Receive a 10% discount off of anything that we carry by ordering in quantity. For instance, you can order a bag of rice, a case of soy milk, or a box of oranges and receive 10% off of the shelf price.

*We are currently not offering case orders until our supply chain becomes more reliable. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Senior Discount Days

Senior Owners (60+) receive a 10% discount on Thursdays and Fridays during the pandemic.

Democracy in Action

Every Owner can vote and/or run for our governing Board of Directors and approve any changes to the Co-op’s Bylaws. We are also a democratically managed workplace. Our store is collectively managed, which means that workers make major workplace decisions—not a general manager or hierarchal structure!

Support Your Co-op

By supporting the Co-op you are keeping more money right here in the community. We are owned by you—now that’s local!

We want everyone to become a co-op owner. If you have questions about ownership, email

New cards will be available for pick up at the registers within 7 business days of submitting this form.