Case and Special Orders


The snowstorm has caused supply chain disruptions, so we are unable to place special orders at this time. We’ll be sure to let ya know once you can place an order again!

Need a case of your favorite thing? Looking for a product that’s not on our shelves? Fill out a special order (SPO) form! Only Grocery, Bulk, and Wellness products from our distributors are available to order. We don’t have the space to store refrigerated or frozen goods, so please do not request anything non-perishable.

Special Order Discounts:

*These discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons*

Please only submit one product per entry. Placing an order is not a guarantee. Manufacturers and distributors are still facing challenges, so out of stocks are common. We will do our best to accommodate you!

For more information, please call the store at (503) 287-4333.