What Did I Buy?

What’s in that mystery bag? You wrote the code down but not the description and you forgot what you got. It happens!

This is a list of all the items we’ve carried throughout the year.   Give us a call if you want to know if we have it in stock.

Type the code in here and solve that mystery!

Product NamePLU
Acacia Fiber Heather’s385
Agave Syrup868
Albina City Savory Nut Mix589
Alfalfa Leaf200
Alfalfa Seed201
All-Purpose Seasoning341
Allspice, Ground202
Almond Date Rolls746
Almond Munch Trail Mix723
Anise Seed, Ground203
Anise Seed, Whole204
Anise Star101
Arrowroot Powder400
Asafoetida Powder Blend752
Ascorbic Acid2146
Ashwagandha Root Powder751
Astragalus Root207
Aunt Maple’s Granola606
Awakened Pumpkin Seeds634
Baking Powder401
Baking Soda Bulk402
Baking Yeast412
Bancha Tea491
Basil Leaf209
Bay Leaf210
Beeswax Beads106
Bittersweet Chocolate Chips735
Black Bean Soup Mix762
Black Cohosh Root212
Black Eyed Peas502
Black Forbidden Rice587
Black Sesame Seeds626
Black Tea104
Blackberry Honey705
Blessed Thistle322
Blood Brothers Corn Grits460
Blue Vervain464
Boneset Leaf225
Braggs Liquid Amino Acids651
Broccoli Seed213
Brown Flax Seeds198
Brown Flax Seeds198
Brown Mustard Seed284
Brown Rice Flour441
Brown Teff Flour449
Buckwheat Flour459
Buckwheat Groats534
Buckys Raw Hazelnut Crunch537
Burdock Root214
Cacao Goji Energy Nuggets681
Cajun Seasoning Blend357
Calendula Flower215
California Kombu698
California Olive Oil888
Candy Crystalized Ginger Cubes744
Caraway Seed216
Cardamom Pods219
Cardamom Powder218
Carob Chips, Vegan706
Carob Energy Nuggets684
Carob Powder414
Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder444
Cashew Butter643
Cayenne Pepper Powder221
Celery Seed222
Celtic Sea Salt409
Chamomile Flower223
Chaparral Leaf226
Chia Seeds350
Chicory Root Powder Roasted386
Chili Blend227
Chili Flakes338
Chinese Five Spice359
Chocolate Clouds Tea293
Chocolate Hazelnut Fig Granola584
Chrysanthemum Flower379
Cinnamon Stick229
Cinnamon, Ground228
Citric Acid154
Clay, Bentonite347
Clay, French Green348
Clove, Ground230
Cloves, Whole231
Cocoa Powder407
Coconut Curls417
Coconut Haystacks858
Coconut Mango Energy Nugget405
Coffee Cafe Mam Breakfast Coffee433
Coffee Cafe Mam French Coffee423
Coffee Cafe Mam Italian Decaf Coffee424
Coffee Cafe Mam Italian Roast Coffee425
Coffee Cafe Mam Mocho Coffee428
Coffee Cafe Mam Othello Coffee427
Coffee Cafe Mam Sierre Madre Coffee432
Coffee Cafe Mam Tango Coffee430
Coffee Cafe Mam Trinity Coffee431
Comfrey Leaf232
Comfrey Root234
Copal Resin Pieces362
Coriander Seed, Whole235
Coriander, Ground233
Couscous Semolina536
Cramp Bark236
Cranberry Harvest Trail Mix721
Cream of Tartar Powder340
Cream of Tartar Powder340
Cumin Seed, Ground237
Cumin Seed, Whole238
Curry Blend239
Curry Cashew Trail Mix796
Curry Lentil Soup Mix765
Damiana Leaf364
Dandelion Leaf240
Dandelion Root241
Dandy Blend323
Darjeeling Tea390
Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Almonds673
Dark Chocolate Coconut Chew648
Deluxe Trail Mix722
Dill Seed242
Dill Weed243
Dong Quai Root374
Dried Apple Rings818
Dried Black Mission Figs471
Dried Blueberries420
Dried Cranberries, Honey Sweetened813
Dried Currants808
Dried Mango817
Dried Patterson Apricots809
Dried Turkish Apricots811
Dried Whole Bananas812
Dried Whole Chili823
Dulse Flakes697
Dulse Seaweed691
E3 Live BrainOn caps363
Earl Grey Tea494
Echinacea Angustofolia Root335
Echinacea Purpurea Leaf247
Echinacea Purpurea Root329
Ecoteas Rooibos Tea852
Ecoteas Yerba Mate850
Elder Flower365
Elecampane Root249
Eleuthero Root380
English Breakfast Tea493
Equal Exchange Bird Paradise Coffee695
Equal Exchange Breakfast Blend Coffee678
Equal Exchange Ethiopian645
Equal Exchange French Decaf Coffee689
Equal Exchange French Roast Roast699
Equal Exchange Guatemalan614
Equal Exchange Love Buzz Coffee687
Equal Exchange Mind Body Soul Coffee685
Equal Exchange Peruvian Coffee675
Equal Exchange Roasted Almonds642
Equal Exchange Salvadoran Coffee680
Equal Exchange Ugandan Coffee637
Eucalyptus Leaf360
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil434
Eyebright Leaf Powder244
Fair Trade Cocoa406
Fair Trade Raw Cashews617
Falafel Mix761
Fennel Seed, Whole251
Fenugreek Seed, Whole252
Fine Sea Salt410
Firestorm Tea161
Flour Rye447
Flour Shep Hi Gluten455
Frankincense Resin Pieces378
French Green Lentils517
French Vanilla Granola542
Garam Masala255
Garbanzo Beans520
Garbanzo Flour440
Garlic Granules256
Garlic Powder342
Genmaicha Tea389
GF Cinnamon Nut Granola997
Ginger Zing Granola602
Ginger, Cut & Sifted258
Ginger, Ground257
Ginkgo Leaf259
Ginseng Root Powder381
Gluten Free Mix 1 to 1489
Gluten Free Quick Oats528
Gluten Free Rolled Oats538
Goji Berries473
Golden Raisins830
Goldenseal Root Cut & Sifted337
Goldenseal Root Powder105
Gotu Kola Leaf261
Grade B Maple Syrup703
Granola Cinnamon Nut605
Granola Flax Pumpkin541
Granola Om Grown615
Granola Rebel Crunch539
Granola Swiss Muesli543
Green Lentils521
Green Rooibos Tea2143
Green Split Peas501
Gunpowder Tea492
Happy Tummy Tea2129
Hard Red Wheat Berries560
Hawthorne Berry262
Health Force Chlorella130
Health Force Spirulina750
Health Force Zeo Force Clay367
Henna, Auburn124
Henna, Black127
Henna, Copper189
Henna, Mahogany125
Henna, Marigold Blonde191
Henna, Neutral368
Henna, Red123
Herba Dolce774
Herbs De Provence265
Hibiscus Flower263
Himalayan Salt421
Hit the Trail Mix870
Holy Basil (Tulsi)370
Honey Bush Tea2142
Honey Lavender Flax Granola586
Honey Mama’s Chocolate Rose772
Honey Stick867
Hops Flower264
Inka Plantain Chips556
Irish Breakfast Tea351
Irish Moss686
Italian Herb Blend358
Its Alive Green Smoothie Bar786
Jasmine Flower343
Jasmine Pearl Amaretto Spice Tea2181
Jasmine Pearl Assam Black Tea159
Jasmine Pearl Cocoa Rouge Tea2182
Jasmine Pearl Feel Better Tea266
Jasmine Pearl Matcha Latte Mix248
Jasmine Pearl Orange Spice Tea2183
Jasmine Pearl Puerh Tuocha2135
Jasmine Pearl Yoga Blend Tea2184
Jasmine Pearls Tea2141
Jasmine Tea103
Juniper Berries267
Kasha Buckwheat Roasted551
Kava Kava Root Powder268
Kelp, Granulated345
Kelp, Powdered346
Kidney Beans513
Kosher Salt436
Lapsang Souchong2136
Lavender Flowers270
Lemon Balm271
Lemon Peel361
Lemon Verbena163
Licorice Root, Shredded274
Linden Flower369
Local Black Beans503
Local Desi Garbanzos506
Lomatium Root272
Maca Root Powder107
Macadamia Nuts616
Mace Powder276
Maine Coast Sesame Kelp Crunch777
Mango Ceylon Tea355
Maple Sugar716
Marshmallow Root278
Matcha Green Tea156
Medjool Dates815
Mexican Seasoning Blend246
Milk Chocolate Cranberries749
Milk Thistle279
Millet Grain540
Mint Green Tea158
Mix Up Granola613
Mixed Nuts Roasted/Salted994
Molasses Blackstrap708
Mulling Spices100
Multicolor Popcorn552
Mung Beans509
Mung Daal736
Myrrh Gum Resin Pieces286
Navy Beans510
Nettle Leaf287
Nighttime Blend Tea188
Non-GMO Hit the Trail Mix871
Non-Roasted Cocoa429
Nori Seaweed971
Nut Butter Almond640
Nut Butter Hazelnut639
Nut Butter Peanut641
Nut Butter Toasted Tahini671
Nutmeg, Ground288
Nutmeg, Whole344
Nutritional Yeast413
Nuts Brazil623
Nuts Hazelnuts Bulk631
Nuts Roasted Hazelnuts629
Nuts Sprouted Almonds620
Nuts Walnuts630
NW Trail Mix720
Oat Bran426
Oats Groats529
Oats Steel Cut550
Oats Thick Rolled545
Oil Canola Bulk653
Oil Sunflower Bulk649
Olive Oil Extra Virgin Bulk654
Onion Powder290
Onion, minced317
Orange Peel352
Oregano Leaf291
Oregon Grape Root292
Oregon Wild Rice585
Oregon’s Wild Harvest Happi-Tea2134
Oregon’s Wild Harvest Immuni-Tea496
Organic Chai Tea205
Organic Hemp Seed863
Organic Nutritional Yeast437
Organic Sugar704
Organic US Grown Peanuts604
Organic White Willow Bark334
Paprika, smoked195
Pasta Quinoa Elbow599
Pasteurized California Almonds624
Pau D’arco Bark297
Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets790
Pearled Barley531
Pecans, Candied636
Pepper, Black, Ground298
Pepper, White, Ground354
Peppercorn, Rainbow304
Peppercorns, Black299
Peppermint Leaf300
Persephone’s Blend250
Pickling Spice Blend180
Pinto Beans519
Pistachio Nut633
Plant Fusion Plant Protein Powder121
Poppy Seed301
Pretzels Chocolate787
Pretzels Greek Yogurt788
Pretzels Peanut Butter789
Psyllium Husks, Whole302
Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend314
Pumpkin Seeds625
Quinoa Flakes610
Quinoa Pearl549
Quinoa Shells, Gluten Free672
Rainbow Drops737
Rainbow Mix Quinoa533
Raisins Jumbo Flame829
Raisins Thompson826
Raspberry Leaf306
Raw Cacao Nibs791
Raw Wheat Germ415
Real Salt408
Red Ape Organic Turmeric339
Red Chili Powder (Roasted)126
Red Clover Blossoms463
Red Clover Herb308
Red Clover Seed307
Red Quinoa532
Red Root196
Red Rose Petals2147
Refried Bean Mix712
Regional Snack Blend725
Regular Rolled Oats544
Reishi Mushroom Slices383
Rhodiola Root194
Rice Arborio579
Rice Basmati Brown571
Rice Basmati White572
Rice Brown Jasmine581
Rice Cracker Mix792
Rice Jasmine White573
Rice Long Grain Brown574
Rice Short Grain Brown575
Rice Sushi578
Roasted Cashews692
Roasted Chicory Root224
Rose Buds309
Rosehips, Cut & Sifted310
Rye Berries553
Sacred Eagle Smoking Blend2145
Saffron .01 oz Vial305
Sage, Rubbed312
Salted Peanuts in Shell635
Sarsaparilla Root393
Sassafras Root Bark394
Saw Palmetto Berries315
Schisandra Berry375
Se Chung Oolong Tea398
Seasons of Discontent Tea2180
Seeds Pinenuts824
Semi-Pearled Streaker Barley557
Semisweet Choc Chips734
Semolina Flour472
Sencha Tea372
Senna Leaf Powder303
Sesame Oil Bulk657
Sesame Seeds627
Sesame Sticks514
Seventh Heaven Trail Mix797
Shatavari root powder193
Shoyu Bulk661
Shredded Coconut416
Sliced Almonds622
Slippery Elm Powder318
Small Red Chili Beans524
Soy Beans518
Soy Crumbles TVP Alternative461
Soy Curls456
Spearmint Leaf319
Spelt Flour497
Split Pea Soup Mix760
Split Red Lentils505
Sprouted Short Grain Rice582
Sprouting Radish Seed320
Sprouting Salad Mix336
Sprouting Sandwich Blend333
Sprouting Sunflower Seeds366
Sprouting Wheatgrass Seeds373
St. John’s Wort208
Stevia Powder321
Sticks Wild Rice618
Sugar Brown700
Summer Savory108
Sun-Dried Tomatoes275
Sunflower Seeds Hulled628
Sunny Bears with Vitamin C738
Sunridge Chocolate Blueberries733
Sweet and Salty Hazelnuts727
Taco Seasoning Blend313
Tamari Almonds638
Tamari Bulk659
Tapioca Flour454
Tapioca Pearls632
Tart Cherries612
Tea Time in Paris Tea160
Teeccino Maya Chai391
Teeccino Maya Chocolate392
Teeccino Vanilla Nut399
Teriyaki Vegan Jerky730
Thyme Leaf325
Toasted Corn600
Toasted Sesame Oil607
Transitional OG Macadamia Nuts644
Transitional OR Garbanzo Beans523
Turmeric Root, Ground326
Unbleached Flour450
Uva Ursi327
Valerian, Cut & Sifted328
Valerian, Ground331
Vanilla Bean, Whole377
Vanilla Extract411
Vanilla Rooibos Tea2144
Vegan Broth601
Vegan Milk Powder Bulk646
Vegetable Glycerine2028
Veggie Caps 00, Empty349
Veggie Chips793
Vincent Family Cranberries822
Vinegar Apple Cider Bulk650
Vinegar Balsamic Bulk656
Vinegar Red Wine Bulk655
Vita Blend Tea2179
Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate)162
Vitamineral Green Caps396
Vitex (Chaste Tree)330
Wakame Seaweed696
Warrior Food Vanilla Protein Powder192
Wasabi Peas779
Wheat Bran438
White Chocolate Chunks453
White Corn Masa457
White Pine Original Granola546
Whole Wheat Fig Bars748
Whole Wheat Flour446
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour452
Wild Cherry Bark371
Wild Vegan Jerky729
Wildflower Honey714
Winter Spice Tea2178
Women’s Balancing Tea181
Xanthan Gum419
Yarrow Flower395
Yellow Dock109
Yellow Eye Beans522
Yellow Lentils516
Yellow Mustard Powder283
Yellow Mustard Seed285
Yellow Popcorn548
Yellow Split Peas508
York Garbanzo Beans525
Zen Party Mix767