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ACG is a collectively managed organization. This means that every full-time employee contributes to helping run the business. Previous managerial experience is not necessary, but you will be expected to learn and participate in the operations of our store. Being a collective manager means being held to higher expectations than you would find at a normal customer service job. Serving on committees, writing and critically thinking about store policy proposals, attending monthly staff and department meetings, and respectfully evaluating your fellow co-managers are just some of the required responsibilities of a collective manager.

It will be important to have (or develop!) a passion for cooperative business and collective management. If you don’t know much about coops or collective management, we’ll teach you! Prior experience isn’t as important as being self motivated and detail oriented with an interest in having a voice in the operation of this business and a willingness to take on tasks and jobs that aren’t typically part of the everyday grocery experience.

Bulk Co-Buyer Job Description: JD Bulk CoBuyer 7.2016

Substitute Worker Job Description: JD Substitute Worker 7.2016

Applications due by Sunday, August 7th–CLICK HERE!



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