We Love BARK!

For the month of April we will be raising funds at the register for Mt. Hood National Forest’s greatest advocate, BARK. Barkbutton

Since 1993, BARK has been monitoring, organizing and taking action against deforestation and other activities that disrupt and destroy the ecosystem of Mt. Hood. They have also been a driving force behind Keep Nestle Out Of The Gorge, an organization fighting to keep our watersheds free from corporate takeover.

BARK offers classes, workshops, hikes, and their office also serves as a community space. What’s not to love?!

You can donate at the register by rounding up your total or making a donation for any amount, just let us know at the check out!


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One thought on “We Love BARK!

  1. I love BARK too – thanks for supporting us Alberta food cooperative! It’s important to preserve our environment, both for the health of humanity, and to save the miraculous planet we are part of for future generations to Love.

    Issues that are not food or health related, like “Black Lives Matter”, should not be supported by food cooperatives, however, and doing so violates the first, and most important principle of cooperatives. I don’t believe BLM is good for black people: it’s demeaning and demonizing to them, which is why the globalists created the NGO called “Black Lives Matter”. I love black people, and ALL people, but BLM is not a solution, rather it makes matters worse.

    BARK is an organization I’ve long supported, and I applaud Alberta cooperative for supporting it too! I’ll have to get over to your part of town, to see your cooperative in person. It looks like you have a nice herbal apothecary, and maybe you have the seaweed I need for my wild rice and mushroom dish – I can’t find seaweed anywhere else. People’s has a good selection of seaweed, but I’m not allowed to buy things there anymore.

    I was a loyal member of People’s, and one of their best customers, for over twenty (20+) years, but now they won’t let me shop their anymore, since I don’t support BLM. They are violating my civil rights by discriminating against me for political reasons, so I’m getting a civil rights attorney to fight being wrongfully banned. Marxists have seized control of People’s FOOD cooperative, turning it into a communist collective to use for their political agenda, which is a very destructive thing to do to what had been a wonderful food co-op. Hopefully what I’m doing will be a catalyst for positive changes at People’s, and I’ll be able to shop there again soon. I’m sad they are forcing me to make a federal case out of it, but I have no other option at this point, because they are being dishonest bullies, and refusing to discuss what happened last August.

    I was assaulted, threatened, and insulted even AFTER politely apologizing, respectfully disagreeing, and explaining why I had put their political yard signs in the trash. In the past employees at People’s told me they don’t allow political yard signs there, plus I didn’t think BLM was something they would be supporting, because it isn’t food or health related – that’s why I put them in the trash. I was nice to everybody there for over 20 years, so obviously the ONLY reason they are banning me is because of my political opinion. That is blatant discrimination, violating my civil rights.

    I’m telling you this, hoping it will help the management of Alberta cooperative from making the same mistake. People’s has had five or six BLM signs up for over eight months now, which is a bit too fanatical – someone there is clearly a zealot with a Marxist agenda. I’ve joined the Montavilla Food Cooperative, but we don’t have a building yet. I’ll get over to your part of town soon, so I can shop at your cooperative, but it’s two bus rides to get there, or a long walk.

    The solution to humanity’s problems is cooperation with Love – the only solution that makes sense…!

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