Food For All

Hearing the need for increased accessibility to both shopping and Ownership at Alberta Coop, we are following in the footsteps of sister Coops all over the country and launching our own Food For All program!

If you shop with EBT/SNAP benefits, you can qualify for Food For All. Show your EBT card when you are filling out the New Owner form and select the $5 every six months option. You will need to show your card with every payment to maintain your Food For All benefits which include 15% off on the 10th of every month, 15% off of case orders, and special coupons to be used in the six month period between payments.

Are you already an Owner? Show your EBT card when making your next share payment and qualify for the $5 payment option and other benefits you might not already be taking advantage of!

Our big picture plans are to grow the program and expand the accessibility benefits. Food For All is for the community, by the community. You can help it grow by contributing to the fund! Round up next time you shop and know that your dollars will go directly to support fellow Coop-ers!

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