2015 Patronage Dividends!

Dear Alberta Co-op Owners:

Good news, cooperators! Thanks to your patronage at the store, Alberta Cooperative Grocery made a $44,193 profit last year from owner purchases alone! Under our newly minted patronage dividend system, we are excited to announce that the board is returning 20% of that profit to our owners in the form of vouchers. The remaining 80% will be reinvested in the co-op.

The amount of profit returned to you as an owner is based on how much you shopped at the store last year–the more you shopped, the more you get back. Here’s apple-sharewhat you should know:

  • Vouchers will be sent out at the beginning of next week
  • You will need the voucher and a photo idea to redeem your dividend with any cashier
  • Only the owner on the account can redeem the dividend
  • If you would prefer to receive your dividend as a check, please contact ownerservices@albertagrocery.coop

If you don’t get a voucher, it is probably because the amount of your purchases at the store didn’t produce more than a $1 dividend. Not getting a voucher also may mean your address is not correctly updated in our records. Not sure which is the case? Owners services can help you with that, too (contact: ownerservices@albertagrocery.coop).

Our mission to provide healthy food and build community truly depends on your patronage. We are so grateful for your support, and look forward to another profitable year growing stronger, together.


Rachel Heichen
Owner Services



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