Board of Directors

The Board serves as a link between the Owners and Collective Management. They play a critical role in the oversight of the Co-op’s financial well-being and provide direction for the long-term vision of the organization. Any owner can run for the Board. If you are at all curious, please join us for a meeting or contact the Board. Plus, we start every meeting with dinner!

Board Meetings are held at 6 PM on the first Tuesday of every month at Leaven Community Center (5431 NE 20th Ave.) and they are open to all community members. Check the calendar for upcoming committee meetings!

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Feel free to contact the Board with any questions or concerns at

Join the Board of Directors

One of the great privileges of ownership is an opportunity to represent your fellow owners on the Board of Directors. A strong board reflects the diversity of the ownership and every year there are openings for new directors on the Board.

Board elections are coming up soon! Interested owners should read the Board Director Job Description and submit a Candidate Packet by May 15th, 2019. Please contact the Board or Rachel in Owner Services with any questions.

Meet Your Board!