Alberta Co-op Ends

End 1:

  • ACG provides high-quality, healthy, sustainable, and socially responsible food and goods.

End 2:

  • ACG supports and practices environmental stewardship.

End 3:

  • ACG makes food and goods affordable and accessible to those with limited incomes and abilities.

End 4:

  • ACG fosters livable wages and just working conditions for farmers, farm-workers, food producers and workers throughout the supply chain.

End 5:

  • ACG is a community resource and hub that informs and involves its diverse stakeholders.

End 6:

  • The ACG store is a thriving and equitable place of employment with an environment where people feel welcomed and respected as shoppers, employees, vendors, and community members.

End 7:

  • ACG develops strong relationships and collaborates with a variety of community organizations to achieve common goals.

End 8:

  • ACG maximizes its positive social impact and makes choices in keeping with the diverse interests of the local community.