The Alberta Coop community actively supports several local organizations that share our values around access to healthy food and address environmental issues that are close to home.

Every month we feature an organization that shoppers can donate to at the register. Contributing couldn’t be any easier than with the option to round-up your total when you check out. Every penny counts!

Organizations we currently partner with:

Farmers Market Fund/Double Up Bucks

This dynamic program increases the dollars that EBT/SNAP customers have to spend at local famers markets.


Protecting Mt. Hood National Forest since 1999 and fighting to keep Nestle from privatizing our publicwaters, we heart BARK!

The New Columbia Breakfast Program

Education, community, and a full stomach are all part of creating a better world. New Columbia is getting all of that and more through the Free Breakfast Program started by the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, feeding kids the most important meal of the day.

Sisters of the Road

Portland’s most visible, proactive, all-inclusive food justice organization. We can’t say enough about the work they do! We fundraise for them towards the end of the year and make a monthly donation so that they can provide snacks at their Free Community Health Care Night, the third Friday of each month.

Kitchen Commons

Kitchen Commons builds community around food, promotes the benefits and joys of cooking together, and works to make healthy meals affordable and practical for all. We support a network of Community Kitchens and their leaders through training and resources, and help organizations with kitchens put them to full use serving community.


Know a great organization that you would like Alberta Coop to consider a partnership with? Please contact

We give priority to organizations that are doing work around food security and nutrition, other coops, workers rights, environmental justice, and N/NE Portland community building/strengthening.