What’s New? – July 2018

At The Co-op

Thanks to those who came to our annual meeting and party! Check out our blog to see photos, election results and send us some feedback!


As a community you donated $219.37 to Sisters of the Road! The Co-op matched the first $200, bringing our total donation up to $419.37. Sisters of the Road received two grants that will match our contribution again for a total of $838.75!
Thank you for helping to support outstanding organizations like this one!

Recipes of the Week:

When plums are in season, throw a couple of freshly-pitted ripe ones in the blender, just to savor their purple wonder. A few tablespoons of oats adds body and keeps you full longer than the usual smoothie. Check out the full recipe here!


So easy and so delicious, this simplicity of this bruschetta accentuates the freshness of the tomatoes and herbs.