Jobs (Substitute Cashier August 2022)

The Alberta Co-op is hiring a Substitute Cashier!

ACG is a collectively managed organization. This means that the workers run every aspect of the business–no boss necessary! As a substitute worker, you’ll be expected to learn the ins-and-outs of a democratic workplace and help operate the store. Cashiering, stocking, answering customer questions, cleaning…you’ll do it all! As permanent shifts open, you will have the first opportunity to apply for a full-time position as a Collective Manager.

If you don’t know much about coops or collective management, we’ll teach you! Prior experience isn’t as important as an interest in having a voice in the business. Self-motivation, flexibility, and the ability to work well with others are musts.

This position has no permanently scheduled hours, however, there are one or two regularly scheduled shifts that can be taken on for a period of a couple of months at a time. Substitute workers are expected to work at least one full shift a week. The shifts will likely run from 3-11 PM and require weekend availability.

$17.50/hour starting wage
25% Discount on merchandise
Supplements at cost
Health, dental, and alternative care insurance for staff working at least 28 hours/week

Please submit a completed application by Sunday August 14th.

Alberta Co-op is an equal opportunity employer.