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One thought on “Black Lives Matter Signs-BACK IN STOCK!

  1. I don’t like my food cooperatives to be political, because politics and cooperatives don’t mix. The cooperative model works, because it is NOT political. When you get involved in politics that weakens the cooperative structure. It’s being unfair to members who don’t agree with the political cause being supported. BLM is demeaning and demonizing to black people, and advocates killing police after being responsible for murdering over a dozen officers already. Gangs of angry black men inflamed with the hateful rhetoric of BLM have been beating and terrorizing people for years. BLM does not make black people safer, and the death rate from black on black crime is going up in many cities, because police are afraid to patrol in those dangerous neighborhoods anymore. I love black people (and all people – we are ALL human beings), but BLM is demeaning and demonizing to black people. I won’t be joining your collective, because it isn’t a real cooperative since it supports political causes. BLM is cultural and political Marxism, and the evidence supporting that statement is overwhelming. I tried to debate this issue at People’s collective, and got banned for not being down with their BLM campaign. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 20 years, and have ALWAYS been polite to everybody there. I loved People’s co-op, so it sickens me to see it being destroyed by becoming political. They have a board of directors who are misguided social justice warriors, and are forcing their ignorant opinions on the entire community. They refuse to debate the issue when I challenged them, and I’d be glad to debate anybody at your cooperative too. Why can’t we have a polite debate about BLM…? Why do people always get violent because of BLM…? BLM “triggers” people, which is its real purpose. BLM is a globalist NGO, which they created to foment hatred and violence, which is exactly what it’s doing. I know there are going to be people who want to hurt or kill me for not liking BLM, even though I love black people – that is its purpose. I think BLM is demeaning and demonizing to black people, and I can support my opinion, while the board of directors at the People’s cube are intellectual cowards who refuse to have a debate. They have created a situation which is leading to a boycott of People’s communist collective, which will last indefinitely. Please read the most important principle of cooperatives below, because its the most important of all cooperative principles imho.

    Cooperative Principle #1

    Voluntary and Open Membership:

    “Cooperatives are voluntary organizations, open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, political, racial, or religious discrimination.”

    Inherent in the principle is the idea that cooperatives must allow, i.e. tolerate, a free exchange of diverse opinions and ideas. When discussion is complete, the members vote and the majority opinion becomes policy.

    Cooperative history is full of examples of intolerance, within co-ops, that has contributed to the downfall of organizations. Attempts to use cooperatives to affect unrelated social agendas weaken both the internal cohesiveness of co-ops and the ability to cooperate with other co-ops. When a co-op’s membership becomes polarized to the extent that each side refuses to support the co-op unless its own agenda is adopted, the cooperative fabric is destroyed.

    There is a preference for political and religious neutrality inherent in the principle of open membership. This is a surprise to many who joined co-ops in the sixties and seventies, when many “new wave” co-ops included diverse social agendas in their mission statements.

    The neutrality principle may be confusing because there are times co-ops do enter the political realm. National co-op organizations argue legal cases and lobby for legislation. This is certainly political behavior in the broad sense of participation in civic life. However, it is political behavior directly related to the ability of co-ops to fulfill their mission of providing goods and services to the member-owners.

    A co-op that becomes identified with a political ideology, unrelated to its primary mission, is not practicing open membership. Since only those of similar persuasion are likely to join, it de facto discourages participation by persons with different political leanings, who may need the co-op or have the ability to contribute to it.

    As the interest in natural foods explodes beyond the demographic groups that started our co-ops, we must welcome people who don’t fit an outdated view of a co-op member. We must focus our energies to make sure that cooperatives remain strong alternatives to the private businesses that are moving so forcefully into our industry. A critical part of that strategy must be full implementation of open membership.

    Cooperative Education Column for Co-op Consumer News Nov/Dec 1996

    Elizabeth Archerd,
Member Services Director, Wedge Community Co-op

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